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IT Project Management

Most businesses use applications that require 24/7 back-end servers that need to be properly maintained and upgraded as needed. This process ensures efficiency, productivity and reliability. S&L IT Consultants will assure you will get proper advisement for your current and future IT infrastructure. We offer Computer Services in Manhattan, Queens, and most of New York.

Cloud Technologies

As a business, we all know how critical it is to have your sensitive data safe and secure. Losing your company’s data can cost you fortunes and even losing your clients. Let us host your data with a cloud solution to ensure your data is always accessible even in a case of a natural catastrophic failure.

System Management

Our main focus is to keep our clients stress free and keep your services running efficiently. We monitor your servers, network devices, and workstations 24/7, to make sure they are up-to-date with all latest security patches and updates. We setup onsite backups and offsite backups with our special tools to keep your network safe and secure from potential attacks.

Computer Services

Every computer requires to be secured and maintained. Don’t let your computer frustrate you for any reason. Let us come onsite to keep them running like new. We are professionals that will use special techniques to keep them running fast and smooth. We all know how difficult it could be when you can’t do your job, S&L IT Consultants got you covered every step of the way.