Our Mission

In 2016, Stelios Ioannidis and Harry Papajani have established a business on providing IT Services to other businesses. Since many people have a confusion on what this means, here is an explanation:

Every business has employees, and every employee has their computer where they produce work. The company might have their printers, faxes, phones, servers and etc. All these devices must be networked together in order to be able to communicate with each other. They must have good security and a good system of backups, on site and off site. The backups are as valuable as the company is worth to the owner. If that data is lost or stolen it can cause a major damage to the company. For this reason you need someone like S&L IT Consultants to manage your network, security, and backups. If you are an owner of a business ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I have backups of my company’s data and are they running?
  2. Do I have off-site backups in the case of a flood or fire?
  3. Have you or your employees infected your computer with a virus and lost all your documents?
  4. Have you accidently deleted a file and wish you can restore it back?
  5. Do I have the time or knowledge to troubleshoot issues with my computers, printers, servers, phones, e-mails?
  6. Do you need to access your office computer from anywhere?
  7. Do I need advice on making my workflow more reliable and help me focus more on my job?

If you feel that you need our help we are here to help. We can set up a meeting with you and help you make your business run more efficiently!

Call us today at 212-602-1602, or you can reach us by e-mail at info@slconsultants.nyc. We are located in Astoria Queens.